Current Status


Albemarle County was awarded a RAISE grant in 2022 for just over $2 million to:

  1. Conduct a feasibility study to identify potential alignments for the shared use path from the Blue Ridge Tunnel through Crozet to the City of Charlottesville.
  2. Conduct public outreach to determine a preferred alignment.
  3. Create construction documents of the preferred alignment.
  4. Identify segments of the alignment that would have independent utility if constructed separately.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) for a consultant will post after July 1, 2023.  After a consultant is hired, the feasibility study is projected to take two years to finalize the alignment and corresponding construction documents.

The shared use path is expected to serve both transportation and recreational purposes, having a significant impact on the safety of vulnerable road users, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving quality of life by increasing opportunities for physical activity and access to nature, and having a positive impact on the local economy. 

RAISE Grant Notes
  • Stakeholder and community meetings will be a significant part of the feasibility study's first year.
  • Initially 3 different routes will be drafted with one chosen for implementation.
  • Study includes identification of trail accesses, parking trailheads, and neighborhood connectivity.
  • Planning process will determine best route to impact fewest private properties.
  • Study funding does not include land acquisitions.

Following the completion of grant, Albemarle County staff will identify opportunities – not limited to Transportation Alternatives, Revenue Sharing, Smart Scale, and future rounds of RAISE – to fund construction of the shared use path segments until the entire distance between the Blue Ridge Tunnel and Charlottesville is completed.

Future TNT East of Charlottesville

Proposed extension of the Old Mills Trail in Albemarle County, currently unfunded.

Future TNT from Afton to Waynesboro

ADA trail planned between Blue Ridge Tunnel and Waynesboro, currently unfunded.